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Office 365

Updated: Feb 19

Office 365 is a Microsoft offering in the Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform. It is a huge beneficial software service which offers solutions for most of the mission critical and success factor components of the business which includes but not limited to Exchange Server Solution, SharePoint Server Solution, Microsoft Team Solution and many more. It comes in many subscriptions for every organization. Your organization will be stress free from those functionalities that can be outsourced with a third-party organization such as Microsoft.

Office 365 as a Business Backbone: The world has evolved from a traditional computing environment to cloud based environment. Among many computing business players in the market the well known are Microsoft, Amazon, AliBaba and many more. Taking a step further, Microsoft Cloud computing environment brings state of the art technology and higher reachability among business world. It provides Platform as a Service (PaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Software as a Service (SaaS) brings a unique cloud solution which allows companies to use Microsoft service architecture rather than bringing and migrating servers from on premises to the cloud architecture. With this software as a service feature of Microsoft, Organizations are willing to migrate their core business servers from on premises to the service environment in the cloud. Among these core business servers are Exchange Server, SharePoint Server and Microsoft Team.

Exchange Server brings email functionality in the organization. It is one of the oldest server solutions from Microsoft since ages. It was implemented and managed within the organization as a core business solution service. Its offering of email (electronic mail) solution is one of the core business communication models. Approximately 90 percent of the business communication is through exchange server. As the time proceeds and the organization increases, Exchange Server management becomes tough with the growing number of user mailbox from 100 to 200 mailbox to 5000 mailboxes and hence the idea of destressing the management of huge mailboxes and concentrating on other business aspects. With this sense, most of the organizations are migrating to Office 365 Exchange Online feature which offers simplicity, usability, continuity, high availability and many more features.

SharePoint Server creates and manages website and bring document collaboration feature for the organization who wants to keep their documents shared in a specific location for easy use rather than scattered in many different places. Apart from the said two features SharePoint brings many new features to the organization. The migrated solution of SharePoint Server in Office 365 is SharePoint Online which is providing flexibility to the organizations in their management of SharePoint related features.

Finally, Microsoft Team is an online solution for Skype for Business Server which brings Instant Messaging and Audio/Video Conferencing to the organizations. Starts from its inception as Office Communication Server then Live Communication Server then Lync Server then Skype for Business Server, the journey of its unique communication feature is tremendous.

I got an idea to brief you all with Office 365 feature of business which is making its footstep in almost every organization as it is truly affordable. Kindly give your opinion in the comments section below.


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